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100 Best Food Photographers

Why the 100 Best Food Photographers list was created

The following is a list of the 100 best food photographers in the entire universe, according to me and only me.  Yes, I know that the idea of “best or top food photographer” is very subjective, so as you go through the list please, keep that in mind.  Since the list falls short of the 100 participants goal, I’m open to suggestions for new inductees, but keep in mind that the inclusion into this list is based on my own biases as a professional food photographer.  I tend to value lighting more than other factors when considering membership, so if the food photographer’s style emphasizes other aspects of the art, I may or may not include them on the list.  Another thing to keep in mind that this is a list of professional food photographers and probably will never include any bloggers, unless they are amazing exceptional.

100 Best Food Photographers, started out and remains a resource for my own inspiration. I thought it would be a good idea to develop a collection of web pages to refer to when my creative juices were running dry and I needed a motivational boost.  Hopefully, you can use the list for the same purpose.  I find it to be a good way to see what’s going on in the world of food photography and a means to keep up with current industry trends.  And to make sure this list is fresh and up to date, I need your help.

Submit names to be added to the list of 100 Best Food Photographers

If you know of a really good professional food photographer (or two) and he or she is not yet on my list,  please email me with their name and URL.  I’ll take a look and if I agree with you that their food photos are truly inspirational, I’ll add them to my list.  Yes, it’s okay to suggest yourself, if you think you’re really one of the top food photographers in the universe, but you better be good!

I may or may not deserve to be on this list, but because it’s my list, and I know the password to the site,  I’m going to put myself at the top.  Anyway, most people won’t read down this far on the page and will think that I do belong and maybe I’m even special since I’m at the top.  I can only hope…

Please enjoy my list of the 100 best food photographers, and come back often to see if there have been any new additions. Feel free to bookmark this and share it with all your food photography friends. If you’re a professional food photographer, please share it with your clients and tell them to pay special attention to the guy at the top of the list… :o)

Last updated 03/10/17

There is a duplicate page (out of date)  located at 101 Best Food Photographers

Do you know other Food Photographers that belong on the “100 Best Food Photographers” list?

If you know of any great food photographers that I’ve overlooked, please email me their name and URL. When you do, I will visit their website and consider them for the list. If you tweet them or list them in a post on some group somewhere, I might miss it, but if you email me them, I’ll get them for sure.

If you like what you see here, and want to encourage me to produce more of these kinds of resources, here are a few things you can do to help me out a little.

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Other Food Photographer Resources

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