Behind The Scenes

Simple Food Photography – It’s all about the Lighting

Here are some behind-the-scenes, and semi-final shots from yesterday’s food photography shoot. I may not be THE best food photographer ever, but as a “Commercial” food photographer, I think I have a distinct advantage over “Editorial” food photographers in certain aspects of the business… The ability to “make” good lighting, instead of “finding” good light,…

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Tea Food photography shoot – Behind the scenes

Here’s another images from this week’s tea food photography shoot for Bigelow Teas. We needed to create an environment that looked to be outdoors, so this is what we came up with. The behind the scenes shots will show you how we did it… As you can see, we needed to use a long lens…

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Food Photography – Behind the scenes

I thought it might be a good idea to show you guys the finished shot and then show some behind the scenes photos. The “behind the scenes shots were done after the shot was in the bag, so you can see what all went into shooting food photography. Because we wanted to have a soft…

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Pizza Food Shoot, behind the camera…

I know people always ask me what kind of camera I use, what kind of lights I work with, and stuff like that… Well, this may not answer the questions, but it might hint a little… :o)  

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Food & Drink Photography

Here’s a shot from today’s Drink photography shoot. Please forgive the outline job… :o)  

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