How Large Can These Food Photography Files Reproduce?

I’m currently using a Nikon D810 to shoot my food photography and the file that this camera products is nothing but spectacular. It’s way more than enough to work for almost any possible marketing materials you many want to produce.

The files I shoot are 24.533 inches by 16.373 inches at 300 DPI.  That’s a verity large file, especially when you figure most uses for marketing print material is 11 x 8.5 inches are smaller.

Food Photography for Billboards

Many people think that photography for billboards requires very high resolution files so that they can be blown up so large.  The opposite is actually true.  Billboards usually require relatively low resolution files.  The reason is because of viewing distance.  Billboards are viewed from pretty far away, so high resolution files are not necessary.  So even luscious shots of food look great at low resolution.