Food photographer shoots a ham egg and cheese muffin.

How many pictures do you take to get a good food photo?

The process of food photography is very different from what most people assume.  It’s not a matter of taking a bunch of photos and then picking the best one.  It’s more of a refinement process.  The camera is on a tripod and the composition and lighting are improved upon, shot after shot.

There’s a rule I live by, “compose then light”.  If you’re a fan of my photography, it’s probably because you’re attracted to the shape and texture that I create with my lighting.  That type of lighting takes a little time to produce.  It’s sort of an educated “trial and error” process, with shot a little better than the last, until finally everyone is pleased.

Even though that are times when photo variations are easily captured, more times that not, the best angle of the food is chosen and then the light is optimized for that angle.  So there is really no easy way to make a “better” food photo.  We’ve refined the photo so it’s the best possible photo and other angles will not be as good as the original.