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Do I need to attend the food shoot?

The answer is that someone needs to be available to sign off on each shot we do.

Food Photography is just too subjective and too expensive to not have someone representing the client, sign off on every photo we take.  Ideally, that person should attend the shoot, but in rare cases, we have had clients sign off  either via email or some kind of screen sharing software.  I have to ell you though, it’s always better to have a client there at the shoot.  There end up being a lot of decisions to be made the each shot is created and it’s almost impossible to get a timely response from someone not actually attending the shoot. It can be done, but what happens is that we spend so much time waiting around, the quality of the food and the photography suffers because of it.  Besides the actual quality, the number of shot we get done in a day usually suffers from delays in communication.  And as you know, time is money.  The fewer shots we can get done in a day, the more the project will end up costing you.

So the answer is that yes, you should definitely attend the shoot if you can, and if not you, someone that you trust and that has the authority to make the decisions needed during the food photography shoot process.

BUT… if for some reason, you can’t be at the shoot or send a representative, someone will need to be available at their computer to make the necessary decisions.