Food Photography for the Dequesne Club in Pittsburgh

Who should attend the food shoot?

As a commercial food photographer, my job is to make my client happy, so whenever possible, I prefer to have someone on hand to “pass the buck”.  Food photography is just too subjective.  The client may have different expectations than what I assume, so it’s usually a good idea to have a client representative on hand.

Besides the person needed to make the “okays”, it’s sometimes a good idea to have someone from “operations” on hand to make sure that the food is represented properly.   We don’t want to over-promise or display something incorrectly.

If the shoot required cooking and we’ve decided not to work with a stylist, then of course we’ll need someone to prepare the food.  I’m a photographer, not a cook.  If you need water bodied, I’m your man.  Besides that, we need a chef… :o)