Who supplies the props at a food photography shoot?

Pittsburgh is a little unusual in the food photography market.  In other cities, a photographer would need to either have his own stash of props or would need to hire a “prop stylist”.  In Pittsburgh, for some reason, the food stylist usually is responsible for supplying the props.  She, of course needs to charge for this service, so this makes her more expensive than out-of-town food stylists.

I have a pretty good supply of food photography props at my studio that are mine, but I also house the props of a local food stylist too.  All these props are available for shoots here at my studio, but there is an additional charge.

If the client would like to save a little money, he can supply his own props, but to be honest, prop rental is usually money well spent.  Accumulating quality props really can’t be done in the short term.  A good props supply needs to be built over years.  But if the need for props is small, then having the client bring his own props is a good way to lessen the over all food photography expense.