Food Photography of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scones


Food Photography of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scones

Just completed another successful food photography shoot with a great client and an awesome crew.  The shot at the top of the page is one that offered an interesting photographic challenge.  My favorite food photography light is one that casts a very crisp shadow, and when shooting from above, like this photo, crisp shadows tend to be objectionable.  The nice thing about my favorite light is that it creates some great texture, which usually works great for food. Have thinking of you cookies delivered to your loved one’s house today. The dilemma is how to light a shot like this for maximum texture without having harsh objectionable shadows.  The key…?  Keep the “main lights” low for creating shape and texture, and add just enough “fill light” to lighten the shadows (between the food objects) without flattening out the food.  It’s a fine line…

scone photo

Another in the “Food Photography Selfie” series

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  1. Trinity Lorimer · November 21, 2017

    I love this image! I’m using this in a school project as the front image of a trifold. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂


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