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  1. Dan Erb · November 9, 2014


    In your last post you were talking about lenses with prospective control.
    Are you aware of Horseman’s new offering? It is an attachment that gives
    you a set of wide angle bellows and swings and tilts. It fits both Canon
    and Nikon cameras. I have not looked at this in depth yet but it looks like
    you can attach your view camera lens on the front of your Nikon.
    The attachment is $1700 and it looks like my old view camera setup. The 8X10 I gave away. I regret that!
    They offer some Horseman view camera lenses (which as I remember are not as good as the best lenses for that purpose but for my purpose I think I will look into it.

    • Michael Ray · November 9, 2014

      Someone did tell me about that, but I really don’t see a huge advantage and I’m not sure how that would really work. Besides, I’m pretty well set with my system and it works really well. I prefer my view camera for the studio and my 35mm stuff for location. The only problem I’m having night now, is that the screen on my macbook pro really doesn’t do a great job of telling me what’s happening. I look at the screen and the image looks good. I look at the histogram, and it’s way underexposed. That’s my biggest issue. I might end up getting a Imac and getting a custom case just to flop it into…

      • Dan Erb · November 9, 2014

        In the Horsman setup you use your Nikon but you have swings and tilts rather than buying a bunch of special lenses.

        Maybe it is of no use to you.
        Thanks for your reply.

        Still like your work and especially your instruction.

        As a result of your blog I have started shooting.
        No worries. I can’t match your work. It is a challenge to light
        food well.

        • Michael Ray · November 9, 2014

          I don’t really understand how that hing is going to work. All lenses are designed to cover a certain area, usually the exact area size of the censor. View camera lenses are designed for tilts and shifts, whereas 35mm lenses are not. Something sounds fishy to me.

  2. Dan Erb · November 9, 2014

    Ops: I meant to give you a url to look at this setup It came to me from “Samy’s camera shop but you can go direct to the Horseman attachment


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