Food Photographer’s Shot #1

Food Photographer's shot #1

Food Photographer’s Shot #1

I had a food shoot last week with a great client and a fun crew.  A food photographer’s job is shooting pretty much any type of food, but when he gets to play around a little with environmental shots, he’s especially happy!

This shot has actually been cropped in the computer a little.  The original photo was a little looser and shot both in vertical and a horizontal format.  So I compromised and here you see a square image.  I love the colors, depth of field, focus, and especially the lighting.  There’s just enough texture and shape to enhance the look of the food.  The photo’s composition looks great to me, but that’s pretty subjective and you’ll need to make your own call on that.

I just received a new little present today, via UPS, a Nikon 45mm Tilt Shift lens.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to do some great shots with it.  It’s one of the most ideal food photographer’s lenses out there, and I plan on putting it to good use, maybe next week… :o)

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