Food Photography of Cake

food photography of cake

On Friday, we completed a four-day food photography shoot of cakes and now have about a hundred flavors to distribute to friends, family, and various charities throughout Pittsburgh. The shoot wend really well and I’m hoping the clients are as happy as I am with the results of our efforts. Usually four-day shoots end up testing the nerves of everyone involved, but in this case, with the clients being such great people, everything went smoothly and without the stress that sometimes comes with a lengthy shoot.

This image is probably my favorite from the shoot. I like the colors, the composition, and the propping, but it’s the overall color pallet of the shot that makes it stand out. The backlight is almost over the edge, but I think that’s what makes it so special to me. It’s shots like these, when you bend the conventional rules of photography to the breaking point, where you push the envelope just a little, that make things just a little different and special.

Since I’m an advertising food photographer at heart, I need to “let go” a little to make photos look more editorial. On this shot, I really had to hold myself back and not add texture to elements, in order to have them look more natural and less staged. Even now, I look at the slice of cake and wonder if I should of scrapped a little light across the yellow surface…

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