Food Photography of Flat Bread Pizza

Food Photo of Flat Bread Pizza

Food Photography of Flat Bread Pizza

I just finished up another successful, fun, food photo shoot with great clients, super stylists, and my second-favorite photo assistant.  We got a lot of great shots done and were very productive.  The funny thing is, that I keep trying to tweak my lighting style a little, and I just couldn’t do it!  I can’t bring myself to give the food “less texture”.  I just think it looks bad.  I’m stuck in a rut and I just can’t get out of it.  Cayla, my second favorite assistant, tells me that my lighting style is WHY my clients come to me and I shouldn’t try to change…  I guess she’s right.

Other interesting food photography news

Well, it’s happened…  My view camera has maybe breathed it’s last breath.  The thing has been giving me some “technical difficulties” ever since I almost crushed it with the top of my mono pole, and I’ve gone out an bought a brand new, state-of-the-art DSLR.  I’ve used it for three different food jobs now and I’m convinced that the file quality is actually better than my old camera.  I have one tilt-shift lens and I’ll be getting another.  This will go a long way to make up for the lost movements of the view camera, but the advantages of the new camera are well worth the compromises.

New Camera features

File quality – Probably the biggest advantage of the new camera is the file quality.  It’s not that I didn’t like the quality of the old files, but it’s really amazing when I zoom in and in, and in… The photo still looks amazing, even at great magnification.

Speed Of Use – View cameras are a pain to use.  There’s no getting around that.  Every time I would want to look through the “view finder” or “ground glass”, I had to need to open up the lens, slide over the digital back, and find my magnifier.  It was a real pain in the butt…  Now, I just look through the viewer.  Much faster!

Better “Live View” Quality – When I’m composing a shot, it’s much easier if I can turn on “live view”, so that the team can all see, on the computer monitor, what’s going on in front of the camera.  My old “live view” capability had a half second time delay that made it difficult to use.  This new camera uses a live view that is almost instantaneous, which makes the composition of the food photo go much more smoothly.

There are a few more advantages to my new food photography setup, but so far, I’m pretty damn happy with that’s going on… Springing for the money involved with changing camera systems is never welcome, but I’m feeling confident that this new development is for the best.

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