Stef Culberson

Madison, WI, USA
(608) 636-3156(608) 636-3156

Stef Culberson gets her enthusiasm and training for food from her native Country Germany. Trained as a Photographer In Heidelberg, and as a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse WI, she has combined her talents of vision with her passion for food.

Stef is always professional and will find a solution for about anything. Her creativity and love for her profession make her an asset for any project.

She has been invited to Boston University as a  speaker to discuss sustainable food styling techniques during the International Food Photographer and Food Styling Convention.

In addition to this, she has been a guest chef and instructor at several area food events, such as the "Stirring the Pot" series and Meals of Hope. Other appearances include the Food Network (Secret life of a food stylist) and Wisconsin public television.