Image From a Food Photography Workshop

Ice cream food photography test shot

Image From a Food Photography Workshop

Last week I gave a three day, one on one, food photography workshop to a wonderful young woman from Mumbai.  Yes, Mumbai India.That’s a long way to travel to learn new techniques, but she said it was worth it.

We covered a ton of topics, but mostly Food Photography lighting.  The attached shot is a demo shot I did near the beginning of the session to illustrate a few of the fines points of lighting with my particular style and my equipment.  She seemed happy with the results with that workshop and left with a great deal of knowledge and a few great food photography portfolio images of her own.


  1. Amruta Karnik · August 11, 2015

    Hello Sir !!
    Yes it was definitely worth a visit to the United States and I’m happy that I’m back to India smarter and with tonnes of Knowledge.
    It is very rare in the photography industry to see someone share so much knowledge. You are definitely very generous sir.
    I’m grateful to you and I definitely would love to see you in India sometime.
    Once again, I thank you for the knowledge that you’ve shared with me.
    – Amruta

  2. Swapan Mukherjee · January 11, 2016

    Wow that is so nice! I too would like to avail of this! What’s the fee for a 3 day one on one workshop with you Michael?


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