Photography of SeafoodDips

Photo of two seafood dips

Photography of Seafood Dips

Here’s a photo from today’s food photography shoot of seafood dips.  The photograph is for a double page spread in a direct mail piece for a local grocery store chain.  The interesting thing about this image is the way the focus is handled.  The picture was taken with a tilt shift lens and the focus is positioned so that only the three main subjects are sharply in focus and the less important items are given less attention by appearing soft.  I also like the composition and the way that some of the items overlap one another.

Camera – Nikon D810
Lens – Nikon 85mm F2.8 Tilt Shift shot at 5.6

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  1. Dan Erb · October 4, 2016

    Interesting, Michael> looks like a triangle shape field of focus. I have a 4X5 but I must say I have never attempted to get focus like that.
    I would like some details about how you tweak that out of a tilt shift lens.


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