Sample From This Week’s Food Photography Shoot

Food photography

Here’s a sample of this week’s food photography shoot

Here’s just one sample of the food photography we did this week for Giant Eagle Markets, based in Pittsburgh PA.  The idea was to shoot an outdoor feel, but since it showed this week, and we all didn’t care to freeze out butts off, we did this in the studio where we could stay nice and warm and I could retain the control that my studio gives me…  The key to getting the out of focus effect in the background is to make sure you use minimum focus, but also to create layers of focus and layers of lighting.  It’s important to light in “depth”. (lights, darks, mediums greens.  Another thing that sells this effect is the “sky reflection” in the top of the tomatoes.  Overall, the shoot was a success and we all had a great time, ate some good lunches, and made some really good food photography.  And did you know that a fried egg on a BLT tastes REALLY good… :o)

Food Styling

Styling –  A little comment on the styling here… Not the food styling, but the styling of the set.  I love the way the napkin works in this food photo…  I love how well the color works and the gentle folds and flow of the napkin, and the way that the napkins works to fill in the holes of the composition.    I think it looks so real that I almost want to look to see if there is any bird poop on the table somewhere… Wow… That would be realism!  I’ll have to remember that for next time!

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  1. Rob · November 6, 2014

    Nothing like a little bird poop to make a shot more interesting, right? haha! I enjoy your sense of humor! Great work as always!


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