Food Photography Articles

Over the years, Michael Ray has been the author of many articles written on the art and craft of Food Photography. Listed below are links to some of those articles, most of which have to do with the business of food photography, the many different techniques involved with shooting food and other commercial photography matters.

Food Photographer Marketing Checklist – A marketing to-do / checklist for food photographers to use to grow their business.

Food Photography Tip – Crumb strategy The proper use of crumbs in food photography

The Perfect Digital Food Photography Lens  I found a new DSLR food photography lens that I just love!

How to photograph food
How to photograph food is a general discussion of various aspects of the profession including the purpose of food photography.

Food photography for the food blogger part #1 and part #2

Digital Food Photography Tips (page #1)  Tips on digital food photography for the novice food photographer.

Digital Food Photography Tips (page 2)  Tips on digital food photography for the novice food photographer.

What makes a food photo look natural?
Have you ever wondered what it was that made one food photograph look real and another look fake? It’s all in the details…

Food styling tricks for food photographers
A list of various little equipment items and techniques that relate to professional and food photography.

Studio Photography Special Effects – Food on a grill
A “show-and-tell” type article that demonstrates the lighting techniques that make the food photograph believable.

Learn Food Photography – How to photograph soup
Believe it or not, soup is one of the things that give even professional food photographers fits. Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to master soup photography.

What’s the best lens for food photography?
Food photographer Michael Ray gives his opoinion on the subject of lens selection for food photography.

How to handle reflections in food photography
Talks about the subject of reflections and glare as it relates for tabletop and food photographers.  Some of the subjects covered are “bad reflections” and “good highlights”.

Capturing steam in food photography (old)
Updated version of Capturing Steam
Professional food photographer shows you his photographic tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing steam in food photography.

Food stylists info for food photographers
and food styling from a photographer’s perspective is basically an article written to inform food stylists about the thought of an individual food photographer.

My favorite food photography light source
My big 10 inch…! Big light, crisp shadow, very controllable.

Michael Ray’s recommended reading list
Books about food photography and photographic lighting. (with direct links to

Food Photography F.A.Q.
A web page designed to educate potential clients about what to expect at a food shoot. There’s a lot for you to learn there too.

Food Photography Fruit splash (how-to)
Step-by-step discussion of how to do a “splash” photograph in water. Photographer talks about flash duration and timing.

Food Photography Case Study – Strawberry Cheesecake
How to photograph strawberry cheesecake (step by step with lighting diagrams)

The Food Photography Process
Shown trough a series of forty photographs, shot during a typical food photography shoot. Each image has comments related to the thought process of the food photographer.

Basic photographic lighting.
The fundamentals of photographic lighting.  Subjects discussed are quality vs. quantity, main light, fill light, light ratios, the color of light, and light source size.

Photographic lights and what they’re used for
Articles that discusses all the different types of photographic lighting and their typical use in the world of professional photography.

Bigger is not always better?
An article that talks about the advantage of using smaller photographic lights (spot lights) instead of larger ones (umbrellas and soft boxes).

Morning light…
A short little article that points out the challenge of professional photographers to interpret words into photographic technique.

‘True’ fill light
Article about photographic lighting philosophy and how it applies to lighting techniques.  The author demonstrates how to create a true shadow less fill light.

Something Special
What makes a good photograph good, or a good photographer better than the next guy? (All kinds of photography, not just food photography)

Marketing concepts for the commercial photographer.
talks about the basics of marketing and how it relates to the business of professional photography.

Art direction via email
An article that discusses the emerging trend of dealing with clients that do not attend the shoot.

How to become a professional photographer
An old, but still popular article that discusses the authors opinions on photography education and the possible career paths of wanna-be professionals.

How to become a better photographer
Suggestions on how to improve your skills as a novice or professional photographer. The basic premise is “observe, shoot analyze”.

How to choose an online food photography school
A list of things you should consider before you choose an online food photography school.

The Photographic portfolio
The author’s opinion on how to approach assembling a photographic portfolio. Trends, styles, and content are all discussed.