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Food Photography Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about food photography or seeing more quality food photography web sites, check out he links below.

Internal Food Photography Resources

Food Photography Seminar (one or two day)
Food Styling Directory
Food Photography Q & A
Food Photography Tips
Food Photography Blog
Food Photography Q & A for Clients
Archive Food Photography Site

More about Michael Ray Food Photography Resources

Fstoppers Article about “giving back”
Audio Interview with Food Photographer Michael Ray
Photigy Interview with Food photographer Michael Ray
Photography Marketing Masters Podcast interview with Michael Ray
Pittsburgh Food Photographer Michael Ray’s Pittsburgh Photography Site

External Food Photography Resources

New York Food Photographer Cayla Zahoran’s web site.
Other Food Photographers
The Blackbook Food Photographers
The WorkBook Food Photographers
Amazon Books on Food Photography
Learn to Photograph Food
Creative Live
Facebook Food Photography Critique Group
Photography Colleges – An excellent resource on photography schools, photography degrees, photography careers, and the photography industry.

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